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McLennan County strives to provide excellent public services to the residents of the 24 cities that make up our ever-growing County. The County’s many departments are responsible for making communities livable by maintaining: roads and bridges, law enforcement and corrections, a court system to protect our legal rights, secure storage of our important public records and protection against threats to public health among other things. These services are intended to improve the quality of life for local residents. McLennan County has a team of almost 930 employees working together toward the improvement of the community. Our workforce is a reflection of the varied and all-encompassing services we provide, so employees are diverse in skill, experience and background. McLennan County is the perfect place to start a long-term career with a life-time of passion.

We only accept applications for positions that are currently open and advertised.  McLennan County no longer accepts paper applications.  McLennan County is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

***Resumes are treated as supplements to the application only and WILL NOT replace any section of the application, as example, all applicants are expected to provide the past 10 years of employment history within the application. Incomplete applications will be DISQUALIFIED even if a resume is attached. The application is the primary tool used when determining whether the minimum qualifications are satisfied so complete all sections.***

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